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Konstantinos Grammatopoulos is the engraver and painter of the Aegean Sea and Greek Mythology. Honest and straightforward, he worked with modesty and sensitivity, giving his artworks, balance, lyricism and poetic expression. His artistic creation enriched the traditional Greek engraving with new expressive meanings. Utilizing color woodcut, lithography and etching, he offered a new dimension to Greek engraving, renewing it and pushing it in new directions.


Apart from his personal expertise, he succeeded, particularly in woodcut, to incorporate new techniques and simpler materials.


His color palette is distinguished by the important role of white, which provides large, bright areas, and other colors, with a particular preference for earthy colors, blue, green and gray. His works are distinguished by clarity of atmosphere and bright light. The deep blue of the Aegean Sea, the emerald green and cobalt blue of the Ionian Sea, all the colors of Greek waters, are displayed, through the work of the artist, in a lively conversation with Greek nature.


His multidimensional work was inspired by the people of Greece, by the ancient Greek gods and mythology, the Greek tradition, the Greek architecture, the sky, the winds, the waves, the rocks and, of course, the Apollonian Greek light, the primordial and primary source of life.


Turning his attention to the Greek landscape, Konstantinos Grammatopoulos created artworks flooded by the Greek light. "Delphi", "Mani", "Sounion", "Hydra", "Aegean" are some of the themes of his work.


Painter in engraving and Engraver in painting, Grammatopoulos enriched Greek art with his works and his influential teaching.